Can the nutritional status of adults be improved by hazelnuts? Research by Oregon University

This study involved 32 subjects aged 55+ eating 2 ounces of hazelnuts every day for 16 weeks.

The study concluded hazelnuts added to diets of older adults increased blood concentrations of magnesium and increased urinary levels of vitamin E. There was also a decrease in glucose and LDL levels.

Hazelnuts represent a natural multivitamin and a great source of B6, copper and healthy fats. This study represents an important finding Americans don’t consume adequate amounts of either micronutrient in their diet.

Source: Oregon State University
Reference: Alexander J Michels, Scott W Leonard, Sandra L Uesugi, Gerd Bobe, Balz Frei, Maret G Traber. Daily Consumption of Oregon Hazelnuts Affects α-Tocopherol Status in Healthy Older Adults: A Pre-Post Intervention Study. The Journal of Nutrition, 2018; 148 (12): 1924 DOI: 10.1093/jn/nxy210