Football: World Cup 2014 Brasil

For the nation the countdown to the Brasil World Cup 2014 started when ENGLAND finally qualified beating Poland 2-0 at Wembly on 15th October 2013. With a host of countries qualifying including Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Holland etc it’s surely to be a fantastic event. Being a chiropractor and football enthusiast I can’t wait for the world cup.

England are amongst 32 teams taking part in the 2014 World Cup. Englands group consists of Italy (14/06/14), Uruguay (19/06/14) and Costa Rica (24/06/14). This by no means is an easy group to qualify from …though as they say ‘you have to beat the best to be the BEST.’ In later blogs, I will talk more about each team.

Football on the body

Football does take a toll on the musculoskeletal system of players. Quite often players get injured due to the quick movements they do. Running, twisting, turning, changing direction, heading the ball and diving can all result in injuries. The neck, back, knees and ankles are prone to injure due to the stress exerted in the twisting action of the body when the feet are planted and the quick change of direction of the upper body. Quite often ligaments of the knees and/ ankles are likely to injure.

England have experienced nasty injuries to their players with these movements… Remember the injury to one of Englands star players Michael Owen in World Cup 2006?? He ruptured his Anterior Cruciate Ligament, which ended his tournament early. More recently (this season) Theo Walcott another bright star for England pulled out of the 2014 World Cup due to the same injury.

Due to the number of injuries prone to footballers on their musculoskeletal system (excluding Michael Owens and Theo Walcott’s injury which required surgery) many football teams/ players have found chiropractic to be of benefit.

One of the most famous chiropractors, Dr. J.P. Meersseman, took control of the Italian giants AC Milan Football Clubs health set up. In his first year the injury rate at the club reduced significantly. The club found the benefits of chiropractic care helped extend many players careers.

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